REVIEW: Velours - Running Up That Hill (Cover)

As summer 22’ rages on, and Kate Bush’s 1985 classic ‘Running Up That Hill’ continues to play on a loop in everyone’s minds thanks to Stranger Things 4, a wave of nostalgia for the sweet sound of 1980s synth-pop has taken the people by storm. Thanks a lot, El’.

Since the airing of the newest season at the beginning of July, the song has been re-sensationalized on social media, and has effectively EXPLODED back into pop culture’s collective consciousness.

This presents a very financially convenient situation for the well-established Kate Bush, but also, a very ripe opportunity for today’s artists to pay homage.

A distinct up-and-comer in the Canadian music scene, alt-pop singer/songwriter Velours has answered the dial-up call, and given the people exactly what they want. On July 19, Velours released her very own take on the song that serves as a soundtrack while everyone’s favourite eggo-eating heroine saves Hawkins, again.

Running Up That Hill’, performed by Velours, puts her impressive vocal range front and center; with a ghostly falsetto carrying into the all-too-familiar chorus which can’t help being belted out.

As she sings, her ability to effortlessly control her pitch is startlingly clear. Velours hauntingly hangs on to the last word of each lyric, emphasizing her emotive vocal capacity, and lending itself to the dramatic suspense that gives the track its cinematic allure.

The cover song highlights and showcases Velours signature vocal timbre; that being, breathy, raspy and dark. Her singing style seamlessly complements the synth-pop sound qualities featured in the original recording.

Whereas Bush’s version can be interpreted as an emboldened outcast anthem, by comparison, Velours’ cover is an urgent plea whispered directly into the ear of whoever is listening.

The track can be found on the majority of music streaming services, where it’s ready to play whenever you need to slay a demon, return to this dimension, and save your small hometown in the Midwest. Or however else you spend your time.

Jess Bertan for The B-Side